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A Pet for Petunia

Text: Paul Schmid
Illustrations: Paul Schmid

Publication Date: 2011

A Pet for Petunia captures the determined young mind who may sometimes, (and adoringly), indulge in their own ideas and endeavours.

Petunia a vibrant little girl is set on convincing her parents to allow her a real pet skunk, despite their differing opinion.

Petunia delivers strong claims as to how she would care for her pet, which would most likely convince us if Schmid hadn’t cleverly accompanied them with illustrations showing her aloof care for her toy skunk.

Even so, her voice indeed takes the stage; to the point that we don’t see her parents faces, yet only hear their defensive rebuttals.

Petunia’s spirited personality is complimented by her larger than life facial expressions. Further, the differing font styles are not only expressive of her mood but clever in aiding the pre- reader to follow the text with the tone of the story teller.

Schmidt’s crayon illustrations with whimsical dabs of purple and yellow water colour also reflect Petunia’s fun personality and how quickly her ideas can fleet.

For example, Petunia says that she has a perfectly awesome pet…”until she sees that absolutely, totally, major sweet porcupine!”

A pet for Petunia is comedic, yet flavoured with opportunities to share the responsibilities of keeping pets, and the importance in learning the habits and needs of a pet before taking one on.

I loved Petunia’s ability to laugh at her own behaviour. After discovering a skunk’s stink, she reflects later and laughs to herself, “Skunks are …so..AWESOME!!…Awesomely STINKY!”

This book is both sensible and silly and I can’t wait to enjoy more of Paul Schmid’s work!

Thank you Paul Schmid 🙂

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