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Text: Mildred Kantrowitz
Illustrations: Emily A.McCully

Publication Date: 1972
Maxie is a sensitive account of an elderly lady who lives with her orange cat and canary, yet feels alone. Who fills her day with routine and ritual yet feels a sense of meaningless.

Maxie is  unaware of how her  daily actions and sounds affect the  lives and functionality of  the people in her neighbourhood. Her decision to stop, and retreat into her bed, puts their lives into disarray.

When the neighbours barrage into her house, her spirits lift and she returns to her routines which she now feels  have meaning.

“Maxie listened and thought about how many people were being touched by these sounds – her sounds”.

Kantrowitz’s glimpse at depression and one’s sense of worth is a deep issue to explore.

How would Maxie feel  if nobody heard her sounds?  Who could tell Maxie how important she is? What else could make Maxie feel special when she is alone? McCully’s emotive illustrations powerfully depict Maxie’s sadness.

Kantrowitz reminds us of  the importance of  showing appreciation to others and the power of kindness.

It is the little things that count, people need people.

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